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    Wisdom From One Man And His Dog

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    About The Book

    As anyone with a Labrador knows, they need a lot of exercise. And it turns out that that doesn’t just apply to dogs– who knew? I (Mark) am grateful to Meg for dragging me up and out most days, and for showing me what it looks like to be fully present and ever curious.

    I have been developing leaders in a professional capacity for over a decade now, but that means nothing to Meg. So as I pursue my spirited and carefree companion through the countryside, I find myself reflecting afresh on what it looks like to lead and live well. This book is a collection of musings on leadership through the lens of one man, his dog, and a smartphone. Come and join us for a wander...

  • ‘For the last week I have been listening to a book that shares the wisdom of Seneca, Epictetus and Montaigne. I’m glad I took a short break from that to learn from Mark and Meg. Beautifully crafted wisdom bites – I know I’ll be dipping back in.’

    David Calder, Chief Product Officer, Adarma Security

    ‘It has been my privilege to be led by and to lead with Mark over the years, and to benefit from his honest counsel during this time. Those of you also lucky enough to have benefited from friendship or mentorship from Mark will recognise his voice in these pages. Everyone else will get an insight into the priceless guidance of one wise man and his equally wise dog.’

    Jennie Cronin, Director of People, On the Beach

    ‘Mark epitomises the concept that a good plan well executed far outperforms a great plan poorly executed.. Mark knows his business. He is a wise guy, an honest guy, and he was certainly instrumental in the control and fluidity of a wildly fast growing entrepreneur-run business.'


    Charles Sharland, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

    ‘Having been lucky enough to preview this book, I felt comforted, inspired, and almost giggled a few times at the perception and insight that the author gave onleadership. It sounded like my friend Mark. Then I realised that he wrote it, and that made perfect sense! Beautifully thoughtful, well written and humble. Read this book. I guarantee you will feel the same way.’

    Jo Gilhooley, Chief Marketing Officer, Adarma Security

    ‘Meg is to be congratulated on conveying such wisdom in a way that we mere humans can receive and begin to understand. I’ve never known a dog with such a gently expressed sense of humour. I begin to smile, laugh even; and then the penny drops!’

    Peter Crabtree, Friend, Fellow Traveller and Meg’s number one fan!


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